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Baths of Kyllini

They are fairly considered a region of exceptional natural beauty. The Baths of Kyllini (or Linzi) abstain 9 km from Kyllini. A region with dense vegetation by old age trees, mainly eucalyptuses. Their sources are found between two sandy hill lines that shape the valley that opens towards the sea.
The Baths of Kyllini were well known since ancient times for their curative sources that their waters, vapors and their mud cure arthritis, asthma and dermal diseases. There are also ruins from installations of Roman baths.
The healing sources had been abandoned for centuries and since 1890 - on Charilaos Trikoupis presidency - began the exploitation with the concession in company SPAP (Railway Piraeus - Athens - Peloponnese) for fifty years. Then was the exact time that they constructed the deviation railway line to the Baths with starting line the station of Kavasila. The line functioned up to 1940 and was destroyed during the German possession.
The baths are considered to cure diseases of skin, rheumatism, neuralgias, migraines, prosopalgies as well as diseases of the supporting and kinetic system.