Arty Grand Hotel

The spa wet area and the indoor swimming pool operates daily from 12.00 to 20.00 except Thursdays.

Luxury Spa

Olympia, the holy place of classic Greece constitutes a turning-point for the all humanity.

The philosophy and the mission of Arty Grand Hotel are immediately interwoven with the welfare and the well-being. The professionalism with the seal of know-how in the space of sea-treatment created a new center of invigoration and beauty. Your stay in the ultramodern installations, give you the possibility for a completed package of luxurious vacations that combines the holistic relaxation of soul and body.

The harmonious coexistence of natural beauty and the exceptional quality of treatments of the Gerard΄s company, will offer you the absolute harmony and relaxation. The aim of EUDAIMONIA OLYMPICO is to transport the calm, the relaxation and the invigoration in the visitors combining unique spa ceremonies that are adapted according to their needs. Apart from the individualized and holistic treatments you have the possibility of receiving also treatments or programs of restitution. In the treatments are used richly marine components, herbs, big variety from ethereal oils from all over the world where through the art of massage are transported in your body. The therapeutic ways are combined with the suitable music creating romantic and relaxing atmosphere. The special lighting that dominates the space allows you to discover the mystery of natural cure, escaping from the everyday routine and stress. The sovereign element of Eudaimonia Olympico SPA and BEAUTY are the specifically drawn swimming-pool with many facilities that will give you the all essential energy and reinforcement. In the space you will find also sweating bath, rassul, tepidarium, sauna, jacuzzi, adventures showers as well as 5 specifically drawn rooms for the corresponding treatments and cares of face, body, hair and members. They also exists a professional water massage bathtub and specialized beds of salt that give the possibility in the visitor for unique treatment protocols.