Arty Grand Hotel




With the overheat of planet and the natural destructions intensified day by day, our active participation in the protection of the environment , for a better future for our planet, is a concern for all of us.




  • Placement of solar collectors that covers the total needs in hot water for the hotel (economy 75%).
  • Placement of magnetic cards in all the rooms of hotel for control of the electric systems (economy 15%).
  • Use of energy saving lamps everywhere in the complex (economy 70%(interfos)
  • Use of double heat insulating panes in all rooms.
  • Placement of special control valves of water flow in the public taps and the toilets for reduction of consumption.
  • Saving of natural resources and energy
  • Toilets of low flow
  • Electric appliances of last technology that were selected based on their low consumption of water and electric energy.
  • Utilization of low consumption lamps. Carefully adjusted time switches for the communal lighting.
  • Automatic interruption of electric current with the use of card/key
  • Effective exploitation of raw material
  • Re-use of old and ripped tablecloths as cloths for cleaning.
  • Minimization of wastefulness and litter in the biggest degree.
  • Orders in big quantities where possible
  • Re-employable packing of detergents.
  • Use of materials friendly to the environment.
  • Obliteration of products that uses promotional gas.
  • Permanent effort for the minimization of use of chemicals.




  • Continuous reduction of single use products.
  • Regular strict control for maintenance and leaks.
  • Use of ecological fertilizers.
  • Exclusive use of ecological colors certified with Blue Angel specifications.
  • The hotel promotes the use of local waters.
  • In each room the visitor has the capability of supporting our campaign by defining the frequency of replacement of towels and sheets. All the cooking oils after their utilization are collected and are remade in fuels.


In order to succeed our environmental and social viability, we are committed:


• To be continuously informed with ecological related matters that concern our region
• Train our personal regularly in environmental and social matters.
• Actively promote the viable tourism in our region.
• Inform and seek participation of our customers in our environmental and social efforts.
• Protect and promote the cultural heritance of our region.
• Protect and promote the local employment and business dexterity.
• Provide a safe, healthy and pleasant environment of work.
• Provide a fair salary to all of our cooperators.


Our objective is:


• Reduce the consumption of natural resources.
• Reduce the liter/ wastes that we produce.
• Reduce gas emissions that contribute in the global warming/ greenhouse effect.
• Invest in energy saving technologies.
• Support local environmental programs.
• Create a network of environmental conscious enterprises.
• To make known the cultural motions in our region.
• Participate in local sport organizations and events.
• Promote the local business dexterity and employment.
• Support environmental conscious local producers.
• Promote the diversity and the equality of sexes.


How you make your stay in a hotel more ecological.


Even if the hotel that you selected for your stay does not have a certain ecological character, you can make the following:


  • Inform the hotel reception that you do not wish to have your sheets and your towels changed every day.
  • Do not leave water to run in the bathroom and limit the duration of your shower.
  • When you leave your room, make sure that you close the air conditioning, lights and the electrical appliances.
  • Do not take with you the shampoos, soaps, bubble-baths etc that the hotel offers you, if you have not used them.
  • Give away the newspapers and your magazines in someone else, after you read them.

Be informed for the ecological engagement of hotel before you make your reservation